Research Summary

Ownership Qutotient: Putting the Service Profit Chain for Unbeatable Competitive Advantage

by W. Earl Sasser


Professors Jim Heskett and Earl Sasser, in collaboration with Joe Wheeler have been examining cuatomer and employee ownership behaviors which have a profound impact on long term profit and growth. Their findings are published in Ownership Quotient: Putting the Service Profit Chain for Unbeatable Competitive Advantage. Customer/owners are those who actually recommend a company's products or services, recruit new business, and provide constructive feedback resulting in product, service or profit improvements.  Employee/owners recruit talent to an organization while also providing ideas for new or improved products, services, and processes.  A customer/owner may be worth more than a hundred customers with more casual relationships with an organization.  A series of case studies is presented to illustrate ways in which organizations measure, create, sustain, and build ownership behaviors among customers and employees.  This work is an extension of research into the design and effectiveness of service profit chain relationships.