Research Summary

Meaningful Work as the Recognition and Expression of Deeply Embedded Life Interests

by Timothy Butler


A large part of my research efforts over the past twenty years has been focused on the understanding of meaning as the recognition and expression of "deeply embedded life interests", an aspect of the psychology of human personality that has a long tradition of empirical research. This work has led to the development of three psychometric instruments: The Business Career Interest Inventory, The Management and Professional Reward Profile, and the Management and Professional Abilities Profile. I now work from a database of this psychological testing on over 75,000 business professionals and MBA students that has been gathered as a consequence of my investigations. My concern in much of this research as been with the way in which specific work roles and business cultures allow for the realization of underlying interest patterns. This work is on-going as I continue to explore the nuances of the ways in which individual personality differences affect the pursuit of satisfying work. I am currently working on several projects in this area, including an investigation of cross-cultural differences in business related life interests.