Research Summary

Enduring Success

by Howard H. Stevenson


Harvard Business School graduates have achieved many different kinds of success as leaders of businesses, as entrepreneurs and in their public and private lives. After authoring or co-authoring 150 cases, serving on many corporate and non- profit boards, Howard Stevenson's most recent research has focused on observing the patterns in peoples lives that create enduring success. The observations made by Stevenson and his co-author, Laura Nash, differ from the current rash of 'how to' books that offer simple solutions to the problem of living 'the good life'. Their conclusion is that 'it is not about balance' and it is not about maximization. It is about a juggling process that starts young and continues throughout one's life. The core drivers for most of us create warnings when life becomes too focused on a single domain of success. On the other hand, we all wince when we see others with whom we identify getting something we could have had. Stevenson and Nash are writing a book based on the framework that has been developed to help individuals achieve success in constancy to their core drivers.