Research Summary

Women Entrepreneurs

by Myra M. Hart


Professor Hart is currently conducting research on women entrepreneurs pursuing high growth strategies. Hart is a member of the Diana Research Group, a team of five professors who have collaborated in an on-going investigation of the unique oppportunities and obstacles that women entrepreneurs encounted as they create and lead high growth enterprises. Her particular areas of interest are the equity financing challenges of women entrepreneurs and the organization, structure, and membership of the venture capital industry. The Diana Research team includes Professors Candida Brush (Boston University), Nancy Carter (University of St. Thomas), Elizabeth Gatewood (University of Indiana), and Dean Patricia Greene (Babson College). Working together since 1999, they have written 2 books, 2 book chapters, 3 refereed journal articles, made invited presentations at more than 30 conferences, and have organized an international research sypmposium that currently includes researchers from 18 countries.