Research Summary

The Future of MBA Education

by David A. Garvin


David Garvin, together with Srikant Datar and Patrick Cullen, is examining the future of MBA education and the evolving role of business schools. The research has several components: interviews with business school deans and business executives to identify the challenges and opportunities facing MBA programs today; an analysis of the statistics on MBA applications, enrollments, staffing, and economics to identify industry trends; a detailed examination of first-year curricula and course content at eleven major business schools to assess similarities and differences across programs; a synthesis and review of the published critiques of business education; and six case studies on leading business programs and their recent innovations, including the Center for Creative Leadership, Chicago, Harvard Business School, INSEAD, Stanford, and Yale. This research served as the basis for the School's 2008 Centennial Colloquium on the Future of MBA Education, as well as a book, Rethinking the MBA: Business Education at a Crossroads, published by Harvard Business Press in 2010.