Research Summary

Impact of Technology on Industry Structure and Competitive Strategy

by Stephen P. Bradley


Stephen Bradley’s research has focused for several years on the impact of technology on industry structure and competitive strategy. In particular he has been studying the convergence of information technology and telecommunications and how this convergence is not only radically restructuring the telecommunications industry but numerous other industries as well. Specifically the exlposion of broadband and the integration of multimedia technology with broadband communications, IT networking, the Internet, and IP based telecommunications standards will radically transform the ways people work, shop, and are entertained; the way companies are organized; and the way entire economic environments are structured. To investigate these issues, he has organized a sequence of four research colloquia the most recent of which, entitled The Bandwidth Explosion: Living and Working in a Broadband World, took place in April of 2003. The outgrowth of this research colloquium was a book co-edited with Robert D. Austin of Harvard Business School, The Broadband Explosion: Leading Thinkers on the Promise of a Truly Interactive World, HBS Press, 2005. His most recent article, which appears in this book is “Wi-Fi: Complement or Substitute for 3G.” He is currently working on a book that examins the transformational impact of various broadband technologies on the structure of specific industries including the advertising, movie, recording, television, and telecommunications industries.