Research Summary

Founder Frustrations



Noam's research focuses on top management team (TMT) dynamics within entrepreneurial firms, with particular emphasis on the roles played by founders, top executives, outside investors, and board members. His paper entitled 'Founder-CEO Succession and the Paradox of Entrepreneurial Success' was published in Organization Science in March-April 2003, and won Harvard's 2003 Aage Sorensen Memorial Award for sociological research. His paper on entrepreneurial compensation, 'Stewards, Agents, and the Founder Discount: Executive Compensation in New Ventures,' is forthcoming in the Academy of Management Journal and was named a Best Paper at the 2004 Academy of Management meeting. Noam's current working papers include 'Mentoring and Monitoring: Boards of Directors in New Ventures' (co-authored with Warren Boeker) and 'Rich versus King: The Entrepreneur's Dilemma.'