Case | HBS Case Collection | October 1982 (Revised September 1988)

Steven B. Belkin

by Howard H. Stevenson and Richard O. von Werssowetz


Steven Belkin, 26 years old and 2 1/2 years out of HBS, has decided to leave a group travel company he has run for the last year to start his own similar business. In the course of several months he has written a business plan, attracted several partners and employees, begun setting up the first tour they will offer, and approached venture capital firms and wealthy individuals to raise $250,000 in equity. He has not yet succeeded in finding investors. At the same time he has gone into personal debt to cover expenses. Now he must reconsider his financing strategy.

Keywords: Business Plan; Business Startups; Decisions; Equity; Investment; Personal Finance; Recruitment; Resignation and Termination; Failure; Partners and Partnerships;


Stevenson, Howard H., and Richard O. von Werssowetz. "Steven B. Belkin." Harvard Business School Case 383-042, October 1982. (Revised September 1988.)