Case | HBS Case Collection | November 1976 (Revised January 1984)

Norton Co.: Strategic Planning for Diversified Business Operations

by Francis Aguilar


Describes an elaborate approach to strategic planning for diversified business operations. Includes the use of the BCG experience curve and growth share matrices and of PIMS profit-factor data. (Both sets of ideas are described in appendices to the case.) Also describes a specific strategic problem concerning the coated abrasives business requiring a management decision. Permits students to describe what action Norton should take with respect to its coated abrasives business and also to evaluate the Norton strategic planning system.

Keywords: Growth and Development Strategy; Strategic Planning; Diversification; Operations; Business Growth and Maturation; Business or Company Management; Resource Allocation;


Aguilar, Francis. "Norton Co.: Strategic Planning for Diversified Business Operations." Harvard Business School Case 377-044, November 1976. (Revised January 1984.)