Article | Harvard Business Review | November–December 1994

A Framework for Risk Management

by K. Froot, David S. Scharfstein and J. Stein

Keywords: Catastrophe Risk; corporate finance; cost of capital; Banking and Insurance; asset pricing; Hedging; banking; Insurance; Decision choice and uncertainty; Financial Markets; Insurance; Policy; Risk Management; Natural Disasters; Insurance Industry;


Froot, K., David S. Scharfstein, and J. Stein. "A Framework for Risk Management." Harvard Business Review 72, no. 6 (November–December 1994): 59–71. (Revised from "Developing a Risk Management Strategy," Harvard Business School Working Paper No. 95-021. Reprinted in Bank of America Journal of Applied Corporate Finance 7, no. 3 (fall 1994): 22-32; Marsh & McLennan Companies' Viewpoint 24 (spring 1995): 21-37; and in Corporate Risk: Strategies and Management, edited by Greg Brown and Don Chew, London: Risk Books, December 1999.)