Case | HBS Case Collection | July 1997 (Revised August 1997)

numeric investors l.p.

by Andre F. Perold and Brian J. Tierney


Numeric Investors manages equity portfolios with the use of a momentum model and a value model. The momentum model is based on earnings surprise and analysts' revisions of their earnings estimates. The firm offers long-short as well as long-only strategies, and its approach involves high portfolio turnover. Numeric has experienced rapid growth in assets under management, which has resulted in higher transaction costs. The firm has already closed many of its products to further investment, and needs to decide where to go next. The case provides a rich setting within which to discuss value investing, momentum investing, the efficiency of analysts' earnings estimates, stock market efficiency, long-short investing, transaction costs, the relationship between assets under management and performance, performance fees, and the business strategies of investment management firms.

Keywords: Asset Management; Cost; Equity; Financial Strategy; Investment; Investment Portfolio; Management; Product Development; Performance Efficiency; Business Strategy;


Perold, Andre F., and Brian J. Tierney. "numeric investors l.p." Harvard Business School Case 298-012, July 1997. (Revised August 1997.)