Article | Journal of Financial Economics | February 2001

The Portfolio Flows of International Investors

by K. A. Froot, P. O'Connell and M. Seasholes

Keywords: asset pricing; Equity Investment; Forecasting and Prediction; Behavioral Finance; Stocks; Investment Return; Market Transactions; Performance Expectations; Personal Characteristics; Financial Services Industry;


Froot, K. A., P. O'Connell, and M. Seasholes. "The Portfolio Flows of International Investors." Journal of Financial Economics 59, no. 2 (February 2001): 151–193. (Revised from NBER Working Paper No. 6687 and HBS Working No. Paper 99-006, July 1998. Summarized in the NBER Reporter, 2000. Reprinted in International Capital Markets, R. Stulz and A. Karolyi, eds. Edward Elgar Publishing, 2003.)