Case | HBS Case Collection | April 1994 (Revised September 1994)

KENETECH Corporation

by William E. Fruhan Jr.


Involves a strategic decision about how fast to ramp up sales. Improvements in technology have driven down the cost of electric power generated from wind turbines to the point where they are competitive with fossil-fuel plants. KENETECH needs to raise equity capital to finance its growth. A fast growth strategy requires a greater amount of capital to be raised prior to the time when the new technology is fully proven, possibly requiring a lower per share stock price in an initial public offering. A slower growth strategy may allow powerful competitors time to enter the market, limiting KENETECH's total share of the wind turbine market.

Keywords: Renewable Energy; Borrowing and Debt; Equity; Initial Public Offering; Growth and Development Strategy; Market Entry and Exit; Going Public; Sales; Competition; Energy Industry;


Fruhan, William E., Jr. "KENETECH Corporation." Harvard Business School Case 294-111, April 1994. (Revised September 1994.)