Article | Harvard Business Review | September–October 1998

How to Kill Creativity

by T. M. Amabile


The article addresses the topic of business creativity, its benefits, and how managers can inspire it. The author's research shows that it is possible to develop the best of both worlds: organizations in which business imperatives are attended to and creativity flourishes. The author observes that creativity is a function of three components: expertise, creative-thinking skills, and motivation. She believes managers can influence these components through workplace practices and conditions. The author sees managerial practices affecting creativity as falling into six general categories: challenge, freedom, resources, work-group features, supervisor encouragement, and organization support.

Keywords: Creativity; Situation or Environment; Motivation and Incentives; Organizational Culture; Management Practices and Processes;


Amabile, T. M. "How to Kill Creativity." Harvard Business Review 76, no. 5 (September–October 1998): 76–87.