Case | HBS Case Collection | April 1991 (Revised June 2001)

Jaguar plc--1989

by Timothy A. Luehrman and Robert W. Lightfoot


Describes Jaguar's product market problems in 1989, and its attractiveness to GM and Ford as an acquisition target. Students are asked to evaluate the suitability of GM and Ford as business partners for Jaguar, and to determine how much each should be willing to pay to acquire part or all of Jaguar. They are also asked to formulate tactics for extracting the highest possible price from each bidder.

Keywords: Acquisition; Markets; Consumer Behavior; Product; Partners and Partnerships; Valuation; Auto Industry;


Luehrman, Timothy A., and Robert W. Lightfoot. "Jaguar plc--1989." Harvard Business School Case 291-034, April 1991. (Revised June 2001.)