Case | HBS Case Collection | August 1986 (Revised May 2005)

Mike Finkelstein (B)

by Carliss Y. Baldwin, Charles Bryan and Ken Leet


Following his successful turnaround of WTXX, Waterbury, Mike Finkelstein joined Odyssey Partners with a mandate to build a communications company. From 1982-1985, he acquired three more stations, financing each as an independent partnership. However, increasing competition has caused some of his stations to experience cash shortfalls. Finkelstein must decide whether to sell the stations, hold and finance them out of Odyssey Partners capital, or incorporate them into a single company with a new financial structure based on zero coupon bonds.

Keywords: Business Exit or Shutdown; Cash; Business or Company Management; Bonds; Cost vs Benefits; SWOT Analysis; Alignment; Acquisition; Financial Strategy; Corporate Finance; Communications Industry;


Baldwin, Carliss Y., Charles Bryan, and Ken Leet. "Mike Finkelstein (B)." Harvard Business School Case 287-021, August 1986. (Revised May 2005.)