Case | HBS Case Collection | March 1999 (Revised March 2000)

Cross Country Group, The: A Piece of the Rock (A)

by Robert L. Simons and Indra Reinbergs


A new MBA graduate joins a privately held family business and sets ambitious growth goals for the next five years. To enhance motivation, he proposes a new incentive plan that will grant him a share of the wealth he creates. However, the family owners have a more conservative view regarding executive compensation.

Keywords: Family Business; Decisions; Motivation and Incentives; Business Strategy; Performance Efficiency; Risk and Uncertainty; Growth and Development; Planning; Accounting Industry; Employment Industry;


Simons, Robert L., and Indra Reinbergs. "Cross Country Group, The: A Piece of the Rock (A)." Harvard Business School Case 199-044, March 1999. (Revised March 2000.)