Book | 2000

Nihon no Kyōsō Senryaku [Can Japan Compete?]

by Michael E. Porter, Hirotaka Takeuchi and M. Sakakibara


The result of a major piece of research, this book reveals that there have long been two Japans, the familiar one that was highly competitive, and another Japan, almost invisible, that was highly uncompetitive. The authors unravel this puzzle, and provide a solution that challenges the conventional wisdom on the drivers of Japanese competitiveness.

Keywords: Competition; Economy; Japan;


Porter, Michael E., Hirotaka Takeuchi, and M. Sakakibara. Nihon no Kyōsō Senryaku [Can Japan Compete?]. Tokyo: Daiyamondosha [Diamond, Inc.], 2000, Japanese ed. (English ed., Basingstoke: MacMillan, 2000; New York: Basic Books, 2000.)