Case | HBS Case Collection | October 1998 (Revised January 1999)

Echlin vs. SPX

by Paul M. Healy, Bjorn N. Jorgensen and Penny Joseph


Echlin has received a hostile takeover offer from SPX. Both companies have been undertaking major restructurings, and Echlin's shareholders face a difficult decision of whether to support current management or sell out to SPX. Students are asked to analyze the two companies and prepare letters explaining their positions from the CEOs of both companies to be sent to Echlin's shareholders

Keywords: Acquisition; Financial Statements; Business and Shareholder Relations;


Healy, Paul M., Bjorn N. Jorgensen, and Penny Joseph. "Echlin vs. SPX." Harvard Business School Case 199-010, October 1998. (Revised January 1999.)