Book | 2017

Global Marketing Management: A Casebook

by John A. Quelch


During the last quarter century, international business was shaken by a revolution in global competition unlike any previously experienced. As companies move through the twenty-first century, they need to be aware of the range of powerful, dynamic, and often conflicting forces shaping the emerging competitive environment. The globalization of markets, the increasing homogeneity of customer needs worldwide, the impact of the digital economy, and progressively falling tariffs in the face of occasional protectionist reversals together mean that few companies can afford to remain focused on their domestic markets.

Managers responsible for marketing in a multinational or global enterprise must design appropriate marketing programs for each national market. To some extent, each country must be treated as a separate marketplace, because each has its own legal requirements, cultural traditions, and business methods, and most have their own currencies. The dramatic changes in strategic thinking and organizational relationships have made the boom in alliances, consortia, and strategic partnerships a worldwide phenomenon.

Sensing, analyzing, and developing appropriate responses to the complex new demands of the expanded, global marketplace is difficult, and the greatest challenge comes in developing the organizational capabilities and managerial competencies to implement a clearly defined strategic intent. This book of cases provides real examples of these challenges.

Keywords: Marketing; Management; Globalization; Competitive Strategy;


Quelch, John A. Global Marketing Management: A Casebook. 6th ed. Redding, CA: BVT Publishing, 2017.