Case | HBS Case Collection | March 2017 (Revised April 2017)

Marketing Transformation at Mastercard

by Sunil Gupta, Srinivas K. Reddy and David Lane


Since 2013, Mastercard CMO M. V. Rajamannar (Raja) had transformed the firm’s marketing by using unique experiences, digital technology, and social media to intensify linkages not only with cardholders but also with Mastercard’s direct bank and merchant stakeholders. Building on its influential but dated “Priceless” advertising campaign, Raja refocused Mastercard on four “Priceless Possibilities” that engaged cardholders directly in unexpected and sometimes unique opportunities reflecting their passions. The result was increased brand differentiation and deeper collaborative ties between Mastercard and its bank and merchant partners.

Keywords: Mastercard; financial services; ingredient brand; B2B2C; experiential marketing; digital marketing; ROI; Marketing; Customer Focus and Relationships; Business and Stakeholder Relations; Brands and Branding; Online Technology; Investment Return; Financial Services Industry;


Gupta, Sunil, Srinivas K. Reddy, and David Lane. "Marketing Transformation at Mastercard." Harvard Business School Case 517-040, March 2017. (Revised April 2017.)