Case | HBS Case Collection | February 2017

NBA Biometric Data: Privacy vs. Performance

by Rajiv Lal and Scott F. Johnson


The NBA and the player's union that represented NBA players signed a collective bargaining agreement. The agreement created the formation of a wearables committee to govern the use of wearables during NBA games. NBA franchise had been using wearables in practices to reduce player injury and improve performance. The wearables created biometric data on a player such as heart rate, speed, and acceleration. The wearables committee must decide a number of questions. Who will own the biometric game data? Who will have access to that data?

Keywords: Internet of Things; basketball; NBA; privacy; union; wearables; data; biometric; Sports; Hardware; Software; Labor Unions; Working Conditions; Health Care and Treatment; Television Entertainment; Sports Industry; Technology Industry; Media and Broadcasting Industry; Health Industry; North America;


Lal, Rajiv, and Scott F. Johnson. "NBA Biometric Data: Privacy vs. Performance." Harvard Business School Case 517-080, February 2017.