Case | HBS Case Collection | April 2017 (Revised April 2017)

Hygeia Group: Delivering Quality Care in Nigeria

by Robert F. Higgins and Ifedayo O. Kuye


Fola Laoye is the Group Managing Director of Hygeia Group, a Nigerian healthcare insurer and provider, and she is deciding on the optimal strategy to grow the provider arm of her business. Hygeia Group was founded in the 1980s by her physician parents, and although operating a healthcare company in Nigeria offered challenges particularly in human resources and infrastructure, by 2011, it had expanded to include three hospital and clinic sites and a large insurance company. The company has just received a large equity investment from an international private equity company, and it has decided to focus on expanding tertiary care capabilities in its hospitals. A consulting team has identified cardiology, oncology and advanced surgery (orthopedic and minimally invasive) as areas with strategic potential. However, Ms. Laoye must decide which of these options offers the greatest growth opportunities. In addition, as her company grows, she must decide how best to structure the payor and provider aspects of her business in a way that maximizes synergies for both.

Keywords: healthcare; healthcare industry; Hospitals; Nigeria; Health Care and Treatment; Growth and Development Strategy; Health Industry; Nigeria;


Higgins, Robert F., and Ifedayo O. Kuye. "Hygeia Group: Delivering Quality Care in Nigeria." Harvard Business School Case 817-088, April 2017. (Revised April 2017.)