Book | 2016

Building a Culture of Health: A New Imperative for Business

by John A. Quelch and Emily C. Boudreau


This ambitious volume sets out to understand how every company impacts public health and introduces a robust model, rooted in organizational and scientific knowledge, for companies committed to making positive contributions to health and wellness. Focusing on four interconnected areas of corporate impact, it not only discusses the business imperative of promoting a healthier society and improved living conditions worldwide, but also provides guidelines for measuring a company’s population health footprint. Examples, statistics, and visuals showcase emerging corporate involvement in public health and underscore the business opportunities available to companies that invest in health.

Keywords: Social Marketing; Corporate Social Responsibility and Impact; Health;


Quelch, John A., and Emily C. Boudreau. Building a Culture of Health: A New Imperative for Business. SpringerBriefs in Public Health. Springer, 2016.