Case | HBS Case Collection | June 1997 (Revised February 2000)

Walker and Company: Profit Plan Decisions

by Robert L. Simons and Ramsey Walker


Ramsey Walker, a second-year MBA student, must decide how to control a family business as an absentee owner. After providing background details on the publishing industry, the case requires the reader to: 1) make a product segmentation decision; 2) prepare a profit plan; 3) calculate free cash flow effects; 4) determine key accounting performance measures; and 5) assess new control systems and their implementation.

Keywords: Organizational Structure; Family and Family Relationships; Market Design; Management Systems; Planning; Profit; Performance Evaluation; Segmentation; Corporate Strategy; Investment Return; Publishing Industry;


Simons, Robert L., and Ramsey Walker. "Walker and Company: Profit Plan Decisions." Harvard Business School Case 197-084, June 1997. (Revised February 2000.)