Book | 2016

Consumers, Corporations, and Public Health: A Case-Based Approach to Sustainable Business

by John A. Quelch


The public health footprint associated with corporate behavior has come under increased scrutiny in the last decade, with an increased expectation that private profit not come at the expense of consumer welfare.

Consumers, Corporations, and Public Health assembles 17 case studies at the intersection of business and public health to illustrate how each side can inform and benefit the other. Through contemporary examples from a variety of industries and geographies, this collection provides students with an appreciation for the importance of consumer empowerment and consumer behavior in shaping both health and corporate outcomes.

Keywords: consumer; corporate culture; public health; Consumer Behavior; Marketing Strategy; Corporate Strategy; Health; Innovation and Invention; Innovation and Management; Supply Chain Management; Advertising Industry; Apparel and Accessories Industry; Biotechnology Industry; Communications Industry; Consumer Products Industry; Distribution Industry; Entertainment and Recreation Industry; Food and Beverage Industry; Health Industry; Information Industry; Information Technology Industry; Insurance Industry; Manufacturing Industry; Media and Broadcasting Industry; Medical Devices and Supplies Industry; Pharmaceutical Industry; Retail Industry; Technology Industry; Tourism Industry; Transportation Industry; Travel Industry; Asia; Oceania; North and Central America; Middle East; Latin America; Europe;


Quelch, John A. Consumers, Corporations, and Public Health: A Case-Based Approach to Sustainable Business. New York: Oxford University Press, 2016.