Background Note | HBS Case Collection | May 1999 (Revised July 1999)

Global Friction Among Information Infrastructures

by George C. Lodge and Cate Reavis


Examines the conflicts in international communications that result from changing technologies and divergent country policies toward developing infrastructures. Examines a number of different national information infrastructures (NIIs). Points of friction, such as different approaches to creating competition and the question of regulating content on the Internet, are discussed. Considers existing options to resolve friction, including multilateral and bilateral efforts. A rewritten version of an earlier note.

Keywords: Conflict Management; Infrastructure; Communication Technology; Cross-Cultural and Cross-Border Issues;


Lodge, George C., and Cate Reavis. "Global Friction Among Information Infrastructures." Harvard Business School Background Note 799-152, May 1999. (Revised July 1999.)