Case | HBS Case Collection | May 2015 (Revised October 2015)

Apple Inc. in 2015

by David B. Yoffie and Eric Baldwin


At the end of 2014, Apple Inc. recorded the most profitable quarter of any firm in history, and its market capitalization soon topped $700 billion. 'Apple Inc in 2015' explores the history of Apple, its successes under Jobs, its continued growth under Tim Cook, and the challenges facing the company in 2015. With iPod sales continuing their freefall, tablet sales in decline, and the Macintosh's market share remaining small, Apple was increasingly dependent on the iPhone to drive its growth. Could Cook continue Apple's dominance in the smartphone market in the face of growing competition? Could he revitalize the iPad business, become a leader in payments, with Apple Pay, and replicate Apple's success in other device categories, such as the Apple Watch, the first new product the company had released since 2010?

Keywords: communication; competition; innovation; leadership; market positioning; marketing implementation; planning; Product positioning; Products; strategy; strategic planning; strategic positioning; technology; Telecommunications Industry; Computer Industry; Music Industry;


Yoffie, David B., and Eric Baldwin. "Apple Inc. in 2015." Harvard Business School Case 715-456, May 2015. (Revised October 2015.)