Case | HBS Case Collection | August 1995 (Revised August 1995)

CIGNA Property and Casualty Reengineering (A)

by Richard L. Nolan, Donna B. Stoddard, Chiara Francalanci and Elise C Martin


Reengineering was introduced at CIGNA Corp. in 1988. CIGNA entered a second wave reengineering effort through a major project at CIGNA P&C, one of CIGNA's larger businesses. P&C was in financial crisis and as a result brought in a new executive team in 1991 to head the transformation effort. This case analyzes the phases of P&C transformation, P&C's business process redesign, their use of information technology in the form of client/server architecture to support the strategy, and the use of the balanced scorecard to drive transformation. Presents the progress of P&C's effort as of January 1995--marking the end of Phase I (analysis and design) and looking forward to Phase 2 (implementation).

Keywords: Transformation; Cost vs Benefits; Design; Growth and Development; Data and Data Sets; Growth and Development Strategy; Balanced Scorecard; Financial Crisis; Crisis Management; Projects; Information Technology; Insurance Industry;


Nolan, Richard L., Donna B. Stoddard, Chiara Francalanci, and Elise C Martin. "CIGNA Property and Casualty Reengineering (A)." Harvard Business School Case 196-059, August 1995. (Revised August 1995.)