Case | HBS Case Collection | January 2015

Eataly: Reimagining the Grocery Store

by Sunil Gupta, Michela Addis and Ruth Page


Within a few years of its operations, the Italian-based supermarket Eataly created a lot of buzz and excitement among consumers and media. Eataly's initial success was even more impressive in an industry known for its intense competition and low margins. How did Eataly manage to grow so quickly, and could it sustain its growth in the future?

Keywords: Customer Engagement; innovation; entrepreneurship; marketing; retailing; Supermarkets; Agribusiness; Customers; Entrepreneurship; Food; Marketing; Retail Industry; Food and Beverage Industry; Europe; Asia; North and Central America;


Gupta, Sunil, Michela Addis, and Ruth Page. "Eataly: Reimagining the Grocery Store." Harvard Business School Multimedia/Video Case 515-708, January 2015.