Case | HBS Case Collection | October 2014 (Revised January 2016)

IDEO: Human-Centered Service Design

by Ryan W. Buell and Andrew Otazo


The case describes IDEO, one of the world's leading design firms, and its human-centered innovation culture and processes. It is an example of what managers can do to make their own organizations more innovative. In reaction to a rapidly changing competitive landscape, a team of IDEO designers have been hired by Cineplanet, the leading movie cinema chain in Peru, to reinvent the movie-going experience for Peruvians. Cineplanet wishes to better align their operating model with the needs and behaviors of its customers. Please note: This case study includes mandatory video elements, which are integrated into the pre-class assignment for students and the classroom teaching plan for instructors. Information on how to access and use these multimedia components is included in the Teaching Note.

Keywords: design thinking; innovation; service delivery; service management; service; Design; Service Delivery; Innovation and Management; Entertainment and Recreation Industry; Peru;


Buell, Ryan W., and Andrew Otazo. "IDEO: Human-Centered Service Design." Harvard Business School Case 615-022, October 2014. (Revised January 2016.)