Case | HBS Case Collection | May 2014 (Revised April 2016)

Three-Year Planning at Li & Fung Limited

by Paul M. Healy and Keith Chi-ho Wong


Having been able to follow its own "three-year plan" on course constantly, Li & Fung Limited fell short of meeting its stretch earnings target for the first time in almost two decades, leading to a double-digit drop in stock price overnight. Questions were raised on the company's strategies pursued to meet such targets, and on the validity of its Three-Year Planning process.

Keywords: Li &Fung; financial reporting; financial planning; Accounting; Financial Reporting; Distribution Industry; Service Industry; Hong Kong; China;


Healy, Paul M., and Keith Chi-ho Wong. "Three-Year Planning at Li & Fung Limited." Harvard Business School Case 114-098, May 2014. (Revised April 2016.)