Teaching Note | HBS Case Collection | June 2014

Doing Deals and Leading Teams at XAF Partners

by Boris Groysberg, Sarah L. Abbott and Robin Abrahams


Private equity firm XAF Partners had grown steadily over the last decade, establishing offices across Asia. At the end of their day-long partners' retreat, several firm partners discuss the challenges they face as "producing managers." These include collaboration and delegation; compensation; development; giving feedback; and time-pressure. This teaching note explores each of these challenges in turn.

Keywords: leadership; management; time management; Development; Competency and Skills; Talent and Talent Management; Leadership; Growth and Development Strategy; Business or Company Management; Management Practices and Processes; Financial Services Industry; China;


Groysberg, Boris, Sarah L. Abbott, and Robin Abrahams. "Doing Deals and Leading Teams at XAF Partners ." Harvard Business School Teaching Note 414-060, June 2014.