Teaching Note | HBS Case Collection | July 2014

Rebecca S. Halstead: Steadfast Leadership

by Boris Groysberg and Deborah Bell


The case reviews Rebecca Halstead's career history, detailing how, through her personal attributes, skills, experiences, challenges, and organizational practices she developed into a successful leader and commander in the U.S. Army. The teaching note discusses Halstead's career choices, her leadership and communication style, and how she dealt with adversity during her career.

Keywords: strategy and leadership; leadership and managing people; Working Conditions; Groups and Teams; competitive strategy; Personal Development and Career; organizational culture; Personal Characteristics; Leadership Style; gender; power and influence; Working Conditions; Groups and Teams; Competitive Strategy; Personal Development and Career; Organizational Culture; Personal Characteristics; Leadership Style; Gender; Power and Influence;


Groysberg, Boris, and Deborah Bell. "Rebecca S. Halstead: Steadfast Leadership." Harvard Business School Teaching Note 414-080, July 2014.