Case | HBS Case Collection | June 2014

Riverview Law: Applying Business Sense to the Legal Market

by Heidi K. Gardner and Silvia Hodges Silverstein


Riverview Law, run like a business rather than a traditional law firm, wants to expand its unconventional concept from the UK to the US. The firm's approach includes performing all legal work for annual fixed-price contracts, using data and analytics to advise clients on ways to reduce their legal problems (and spending), and evaluating lawyers' performance based on client satisfaction surveys rather than typical metrics like billed revenues. With detailed information on the firm's financial performance, service teams, pricing, culture, and business model, students can debate whether Riverview poses a truly disruptive threat to traditional law firms.

Keywords: strategy; professional services; disruptive innovation; law firms; client service; culture; recruiting; management; professional services firms; Business Model; Legal Services Industry; United Kingdom; United States;


Gardner, Heidi K., and Silvia Hodges Silverstein. "Riverview Law: Applying Business Sense to the Legal Market." Harvard Business School Case 414-079, June 2014.