Simulation | June 2014

Balanced Scorecard Simulation

by V.G. Narayanan


In this multi-player simulation, students experience the benefits and challenges of using a scorecard to implement strategic initiatives and monitor firm performance. Small teams of students work together to choose a strategy for their company, create a strategy map, develop a balanced scorecard, choose initiatives to implement their strategy, and use feedback from the balanced scorecard to adjust their implementation approach over a series of 8 rounds. At the conclusion of the simulation, each team's company will be purchased by a private investor. The goal of the simulation is to maximize firm value at the time of buyout-the buyout price being based on the company's financial position and future prospects. Strategy Simulation: The Balanced Scorecard is designed as a multi-player experience but can also be played as a single-player. Instructors have the option of allowing students to play practice rounds and assigning certain teams to a "control group." The simulation debrief section provides key statistics and visuals that summarize student performance.


"Balanced Scorecard Simulation." Harvard Business School Simulation 114-701, June 2014.