Working Paper | HBS Working Paper Series | 2014

Leveraging Market Power through Tying: Does Google Behave Anti-Competitively?

by Benjamin Edelman


I examine Google's pattern and practice of tying to leverage its dominance into new sectors. In particular, I show how Google used these tactics to enter numerous markets, to compel usage of its services, and often to dominate competing offerings. I explore the technical and commercial implementations of these practices, then identify their effects on competition. I conclude that Google's tying tactics are suspect under antitrust law.

Keywords: competition; antitrust; google; tying; bundling; Competitive Strategy; Competition; Law; Information Technology Industry; Advertising Industry;


Edelman, Benjamin. "Leveraging Market Power through Tying: Does Google Behave Anti-Competitively?" Harvard Business School Working Paper, No. 14-112, May 2014.