Case | HBS Case Collection | June 2014

Stock Options at Celia-Check

by Brian Hall, Andrew Wasynczuk and Karen Huang


Describes issues facing three young founders of a high-tech start-up, including hiring an experienced CEO and negotiating with a potential VC investor. Focuses on the incentive and compensation aspects of negotiating with job candidates (e.g., what percentage of the equity is appropriate to offer) and with venture capitalists (e.g., options-vesting issues). [This case is based on HBS Case 801324 "Stock Options at Virtua.Net."]

Keywords: venture capital; Stock Options; Executive Compensation; Employee Stock Ownership Plan; negotiation; Venture Capital; Selection and Staffing; Negotiation; Executive Compensation; Employee Stock Ownership Plan; Business Startups; Management Teams; Technology Industry; United States;


Hall, Brian, Andrew Wasynczuk, and Karen Huang. "Stock Options at Celia-Check." Harvard Business School Case 914-019, June 2014.