Teaching Note | HBS Case Collection | April 2014

Conjoint Analysis: Online Tutorial

by Elie Ofek and Olivier Toubia


This teaching note is intended to assist instructors who plan to use the Conjoint Analysis: Online Tutorial (514-712) as part of a course or program of study. Pedagogically, the teaching note provides an overview of the Conjoint Analysis: Online Tutorial, the key teaching objectives, offers ways to use the tutorial as part of a course and/or set of conjoint related tasks, ideas on how to introduce the tutorial to students and what questions to assign, ideas on how to run a debrief session after students have gone through it, as well as material to complement the content of the tutorial and enrich students' understanding of conjoint analysis. The teaching note also provides logistic details on how a faculty member can add the tutorial to a course curriculum, activate and distribute it to students. The teaching note also provides an overview and explanation of the various types of screen interfaces and interactive tasks (called "Try Its"). Lastly, an Appendix contains suggestions for slides that instructors may show in class before and after students have gone through the tutorial.

Keywords: Analysis; Marketing;


Ofek, Elie, and Olivier Toubia. "Conjoint Analysis: Online Tutorial." Harvard Business School Teaching Note 514-124, April 2014.