Case | HBS Case Collection | April 2014

The Tate's Digital Transformation

by Jill Avery


John Stack was the visionary Head of Digital Transformation at the Tate, a collection of four major art galleries in the UK, including Tate Modern, the most visited gallery devoted to modern and contemporary art in the world. Stack was the architect of the Tate's "fifth gallery," its online presence. Stack had guided the Tate through two digital strategy planning processes and his team had experienced much success in developing the Tate's fifth gallery into a virtual place filled with immersive and engaging content, activities, experiences, and communities. Looking to the future, Stack was working to execute a new digital strategy, one that included digital as a dimension of everything the Tate did, both physically and virtually. This effort was raising important questions about organizational structure, marketing strategy, product and service design, and return on investment. What would it take to be a truly digital organization where digital was the norm?

Keywords: marketing; digital; social media; marketing strategy; marketing communication; non-profit management; Marketing; Marketing Strategy; Nonprofit Organizations; Entertainment and Recreation Industry; Tourism Industry; United Kingdom;


Avery, Jill. "The Tate's Digital Transformation." Harvard Business School Case 314-122, April 2014.