Case | HBS Case Collection | March 2014 (Revised September 2015)

Clef Company: Turnover

by Frank V. Cespedes


The Clef case focuses on the issue of turnover in a firm's sales force. Students must analyze the factors contributing to turnover as well as the role of the field sales force in Clef's profitable business strategy. Among other things, the Clef case illustrates that managing field marketing requirements entails managing individual people but also a certain aggregate call capacity and a set of sales tasks determined by business strategy. In turn, that analysis of strategy-sales linkages often changes students' minds about what to do about turnover in Clef's sales force.

Keywords: Sales; Marketing; Strategy; Marketing Strategy; Performance Evaluation; Retail Industry; Consumer Products Industry; United States;


Cespedes, Frank V. "Clef Company: Turnover." Harvard Business School Case 814-100, March 2014. (Revised September 2015.)