Case | HBS Case Collection | March 2014 (Revised June 2014)

Noma: A Lot on the Plate

by Mukti Khaire and Elena Corsi


In 2014, the restaurant Noma, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, was considered to be amongst the best restaurants in the world, and its co-founder, co-owner and chef, René Redzepi, among the most influential chefs. The restaurant was also leading the new Nordic food movement, a movement focused on rediscovering Nordic cuisine and ingredients, which had helped increase the popularity of Danish cuisine. Since 2013 Noma had a new investor, the American Marc Blazer, who joined to help Redzepi increase the restaurant's margins to make it a more sustainable business. But the question was—how? What options really were available?

Keywords: restaurant industry; Food; Entrepreneurship; Food and Beverage Industry; Europe;


Khaire, Mukti, and Elena Corsi. "Noma: A Lot on the Plate." Harvard Business School Case 814-097, March 2014. (Revised June 2014.)