Teaching Note | HBS Case Collection | March 2014 (Revised July 2015)

Say on Pay: Qualcomm, Inc. Shareholders Vote 'Maybe' in 2012

by Suraj Srinivasan and Charles C.Y. Wang


This case centers around Qualcomm shareholders' 2012 Say-on-Pay vote and the dispute between the Institutional Shareholder Services and management regarding the appropriateness of the CEO's compensation plan. Was ISS right that Qualcomm CEO's pay was inflated and justified by benchmarking to aspirational peers? Or was management correct that its CEO's pay is warranted by Qualcomm's recent firm performance?


Srinivasan, Suraj, and Charles C.Y. Wang. "Say on Pay: Qualcomm, Inc. Shareholders Vote 'Maybe' in 2012." Harvard Business School Teaching Note 114-065, March 2014. (Revised July 2015.)