Technical Note | HBS Case Collection | February 2014

Mobile Broadband and the Telecommunications Industry in 2011

by Lynda M. Applegate, Kerry Herman and Christine Snively


Mobile broadband carriers provide network access to the Internet for a range of devices (typically portable or mobile), including consumer devices such as smartphones, tablets and E-Readers, but also a host of new emerging devices. Mobile broadband networks enable data to travel in packets over telecommunication (telecom) companies' wireless (or cellular) networks. The number of worldwide mobile cellular subscriptions reached 6 billion in 2011, reflecting a penetration rate of 87%. This note provides some industry context for the advent and opportunities associated with mobile broadband.

Keywords: telecommunications; Mobile Technology; Software; Technology Networks; Technology Platform; Wireless Technology; Telecommunications Industry; Information Technology Industry; Technology Industry; Communications Industry;


Applegate, Lynda M., Kerry Herman, and Christine Snively. "Mobile Broadband and the Telecommunications Industry in 2011." Harvard Business School Technical Note 814-009, February 2014.