Case | HBS Case Collection | February 2014 (Revised August 2014)

3D Systems

by Karim R. Lakhani and David Lane


In late 2013, Rajeev Kulkarni needed to decide how best to facilitate the emergence of a broad base of users and content to promote the sale of 3D Systems' consumer-focused 3D printers. As yet, neither the company nor users had identified an indispensable application for 3D printing for consumers, despite a plethora of potential opportunities.

Keywords: 3D printing; business ecosystems; 3D Systems; Growth and Development Strategy; Marketing Strategy; Copyright; Two-Sided Platforms; Product Development; Customization and Personalization; Manufacturing Industry;


Lakhani, Karim R., and David Lane. "3D Systems." Harvard Business School Case 614-035, February 2014. (Revised August 2014.)