Case | HBS Case Collection | July 1994 (Revised April 1995)

San Francisco Bay Consulting

by George P. Baker III and Karin B Monsler


San Francisco Bay Consulting leads the field of economic consulting and litigation support in the application of powerful computers and cutting edge software to manipulate and analyze large data sets. The transfer pricing system, used to facilitate the purchasing and payment of computer resources, is falling apart as computer prices drop and consultant demands broaden. Researchers, forbidden to go outside for their hardware or software needs, range from frustrated to furious when they can't get the software they want or when transfer prices yield charges to clients that are greater than their computer's current market price. The case presents the company as it evaluates the system and discusses possible changes in pricing and sourcing policies.

Keywords: Fair Value Accounting; Profit; Marketing; Fluctuation; Consulting Industry; Computer Industry;


Baker, George P., III, and Karin B Monsler. "San Francisco Bay Consulting." Harvard Business School Case 195-096, July 1994. (Revised April 1995.)