Supplement | HBS Case Collection | January 2014

Amgen Inc.: Pursuing Innovation and Imitation? (B)

by Ian Mackenzie


The (B) case reveals that Sharer decided that Amgen should enter the emerging biosimilars business. However, he took the better part of a year to syndicate the decision across the senior team while in parallel investing in some time-critical process development. The (B) case then focuses on how the new business should be implemented, particularly in terms of integration versus separation of a new business unit, choice of unit leader, and whether Amgen should partner with a third party to gain access to skills or resources.

Keywords: corporate strategy; pharmaceutical industry; Biotechnology Industry; Corporate Strategy; Pharmaceutical Industry; Biotechnology Industry; United States;


Mackenzie, Ian. "Amgen Inc.: Pursuing Innovation and Imitation? (B)." Harvard Business School Supplement 714-426, January 2014.