Case | HBS Case Collection | February 2014 (Revised April 2014)

Go Mobile: Aligning District Managers and Store Teams

by Tatiana Sandino


Indian cell phone retailer Go Mobile had implemented high-powered incentives to motivate its store employees to behave as owners and provide exceptional service. As the company scaled up, it faced multiple challenges in building a layer of district managers that were willing and were able to support the highly-incentivized store teams. On one hand, the district managers were expected to drive a profitable expansion, supporting complex day-to-day operations at the stores. On the other hand, they were expected to serve as mentors—communicating and teaching the values of the firm to their store managers, sharing best practices, and instilling a long-term perspective of the business. The case presents different mechanisms that the company could implement to motivate the district managers to effectively support the stores and foster growth.


Sandino, Tatiana. "Go Mobile: Aligning District Managers and Store Teams." Harvard Business School Case 114-034, February 2014. (Revised April 2014.)