Teaching Note | HBS Case Collection | March 2014

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.: Safety, Environment and Health

by John A. Quelch


In January 2014, Gary Bald, senior vice president of Safety, Environment and Health at Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines (RCL), prepared for a review meeting with the company's chief executive, Adam Goldstein, and chairman, Richard Fain. Prior to joining RCL in 2006, Bald had spent 28 years with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. After seven years of upgrading security for the cruise line, Bald stated, "We've come a long way, but what keeps me up at night is what I don't know." As he prepared for his meeting with Fain and Goldstein, Bald considered whether his department's current initiatives would be sufficient to maintain RCL's position at the cutting edge of cruise industry best practice, and whether RCL could and should differentiate itself in marketing from its competitors in the areas of safety, environment and health.

Keywords: health care; public health; cruising; cruise lines; Royal Caribbean; safety; Security; biodefense; epidemic; norovirus; fire safety; crew; environmental protection; innovation; ship design; vacation; recreation;


Quelch, John A. "Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.: Safety, Environment and Health." Harvard Business School Teaching Note 514-101, March 2014.