Case | HBS Case Collection | January 2014 (Revised February 2015)

YouTube for Brands

by Thales Teixeira and Leora Kornfeld


This case examines the changes employed by YouTube to make the massively popular site more attractive to brands. Building from its base of amateur, user-generated content, YouTube had turned to experimenting with professionally-made content and organizing its videos into channels. But it still struggled when it came to capturing advertising dollars to its online video platform. The social video website wants to be a 'brand safe' platform which major marketers use to advertise their video ads. Should major brands switch a significant portion of their TV advertising budget to online ads on YouTube?

Keywords: digital marketing; marketing; brands and branding; Online Technology; Decision Choices and Conditions; Online Advertising; Brands and Branding; Advertising Industry; Motion Pictures and Video Industry; Entertainment and Recreation Industry;


Teixeira, Thales, and Leora Kornfeld. "YouTube for Brands." Harvard Business School Case 514-048, January 2014. (Revised February 2015.)